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          and in the process of obtaining a divorce, at the time of trial.            
          Throughout the years in issue, petitioners resided together in              
          the State of Texas.                                                         
               Dr. Beck attended the University of Virginia, Duke                     
          University, and Harvard University.  He has degrees in medicine             
          and dentistry.  During the years in issue, he was a self-employed           
          dentist in San Antonio, Texas.                                              
               In 1987, the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (the                
          board), created by the Texas legislature, revoked Dr. Beck’s                
          dental license.  In 1988, Dr. Beck filed suit in Texas State                
          court to set aside the revocation.  On April 1, 1992, the board             
          and Dr. Beck entered into an agreed board order pursuant to which           
          Dr. Beck’s license was suspended for 3 years with all but the               
          first 90 days being a probationary period.  The lawsuit brought             
          by Dr. Beck against the board was dismissed as moot.                        
               During this process, Mrs. Beck was active in efforts on her            
          husband’s behalf to dissolve the board.  She first contacted                
          Texas Attorney General Jim Maddox, and in 1989 she contacted                
          Texas Attorney General Richard “Racehorse” Haynes.  She                     
          eventually persuaded a former board investigator to testify as a            
          witness for Dr. Beck at the hearings before the Texas State                 
          legislature regarding dissolution of the board.5                            

               5 The board was dissolved in 1994 and reestablished during             
          the 1995 Texas legislative session.                                         

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