Estate of Duilio Costanza - Page 5

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          the SCIN, are all dated December 15, 1992.  Michael signed these            
          documents both as the purchaser in his capacity as trustee of his           
          own revocable trust and as the seller in his capacity as trustee            
          of decedent’s revocable trust.  The parties did not, in fact,               
          execute the documents until after that date--late in December               
          1992 or early in January 1993.                                              
               In 1978, decedent had a myocardial infraction.  Decedent               
          underwent successful single artery heart bypass surgery at the              
          University of Michigan in 1982.  Decedent had been suffering from           
          angina and severe coronary disease since at least April 1991.  In           
          the winter of 1992, decedent traveled to California, seeking to             
          spend time in a warmer climate.  While he was in California he              
          developed chest pains and returned home.  He entered the hospital           
          in Flint on January 25, 1993, for testing.  The resulting                   
          diagnosis on January 29, 1993, indicated that decedent suffered             
          from angina pectoris, congestive heart failure, and                         
          atherosclerotic heart disease.  The diagnostic report explained             
          his prognosis as "Poor.  Patient and family are aware."  Decedent           
          and Michael consulted with doctors and decided that decedent                
          would again have to undergo bypass surgery.                                 
               The quitclaim deeds and mortgages for the restaurant and               
          shopping mall were registered in February 1993.  Michael did not            
          make the first three payments required by the SCIN in a timely              
          fashion.  In March, he made out three checks, each for the                  

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