Epic Associates 84-III, William C. Griffith, Jr. - Page 10

                                       - 10 -                                         

                  (c)  Such loan origination fees or service fees                     
                  at commercially prevailing market rates that may                    
                  derive from originating or servicing of any                         
                  security interests, including mortgages and deeds                   
                  of trust, placed upon Partnership property;                         
                  (d)  Reimbursement of all carrying costs of the                     
                  Partnership properties including, but not by way                    
                  of limitation, interest on mortgage indebtedness                    
                  encumbering the properties, incurred prior to the                   
                  admission of the Limited Partners to the                            
                  (e)  Two-and-one-half percent (2 1/2%) disposi-                     
                  tion fee on all resale of Partnership properties                    
                  except in connection with an exchange with a                        
                  builder for like kind property;                                     
                  (f)  For all unsecured advances of funds to the                     
                  Partnership, the General Partner shall be                           
                  entitled to interest on all such funds advanced                     
                  at the rate of 15% per annum; and                                   
                  (g)  Any difference between costs incurred by the                   
                  General Partner on pooled insurance policies for                    
                  all partnerships sponsored by the General Partner                   
                  and premiums charged to the Partnership for all                     
                  risk insurance coverage (including fire and                         
                  hazard) for each Partnership property plus the                      
                  premium attributable to decreasing the deductible                   
                  amount to $100 shall be the property of the                         
                  General Partner.                                                    

             Purchase of Model Houses in Carrollton, Texas, From Raldon               
                  EPIC executed a contract entitled Epic Model Home                   
             Purchase and Leaseback Agreement (purchase and leaseback                 
             agreement), dated December 9, 1982, under which it agreed                
             to purchase five houses located in Carrollton, Texas, from               
             Raldon Corp. (Raldon) for $485,995 and to lease the houses               

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