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               Petitioners filed a second application (No. 5341A) with FEMA           
          on January 11, 1995, indicating a date of loss of January 6.3               
          Boxes 8 and 10 of the application indicate that the damage in               
          question was caused by flooding, rather than by earthquake.  FEMA           
          responded to this application on April 4, 1995, apparently                  
          awarding $300 for damage to “foundation and masonry”.                       
               Petitioners appealed FEMA’s April 4, 1995, decision.  By               
          letter dated April 20, 1995, FEMA advised petitioners, in part,             
          as follows regarding Application No. 5341A:                                 
               This is in response to your letter of appeal regarding                 
               your assistance from FEMA.  We have reviewed your case                 
               again and determined that the original decision was                    
               correct because:                                                       
               X    FEMA’s Home Repair Program (HRP) covers only                      
               those damages caused directly by disaster.                             
               ALL ELIGIBLE items have been addressed in your                         
               initial award. [Emphasis in the original.]                             
                              *   *   *   *   *   *   *                               
               This determination is final regarding assistance from                  
               the FEMA Disaster Housing Program. * * *                               
          Petitioners filed a disaster loan application with the U.S.                 
          Small Business Administration (SBA) on a date not disclosed in              
          the record.  By letter dated March 28, 1995, SBA advised                    
          petitioners, in part, as follows:                                           

               3  The application does not specify the year of the loss;              
          however, based on the application as a whole, 1995 would appear             
          to be the year of the loss.                                                 

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