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          State and petitioners’ FEMA Application No. 5341A (regarding the            
          January 1995 flood), advised petitioners, in part, as follows:              
               We have reviewed your application for disaster                         
               assistance from the Individual and Family Grant Program                
               and any verification you may have provided.                            
               We regret to inform you that we have determined that                   
               you do not qualify for assistance for transportation                   
               damages or losses because you have sufficient remaining                
               vehicles to meet your serious needs.                                   
               We are sorry that you do not meet our program                          
               guidelines.  * * *                                                     
               Attached to the foregoing letter was an Appeals Process                
          Notice (the Notice) indicating that the California State                    
          Department of Social Services had denied petitioners’ disaster              
          assistance application for personal property on May 13, 1995, and           
          petitioners’ disaster assistance application for transportation             
          on June 15, 1995.  The Notice also advised petitioners that if              
          they disagreed with either determination, they could file a                 
          written appeal with the State within 60 days from the date of the           
               There is nothing in the record to suggest that petitioners             
          ever filed an appeal in respect of the denial of their disaster             
          assistance application(s) by the California State Department of             
          Social Services.                                                            
               Late in 1995, having met with only limited success in                  
          obtaining disaster relief from State and Federal agencies and               
          apparently having limited credit, petitioners turned to their               

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