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          1996, Canyon State Chiropractic was operated as a sole                      
          proprietorship.  Canyon State Chiropractic LLC was created on or            
          about August 14, 1996.  Canyon State Chiropractic LLC had three             
          named members:  Storks, petitioner, and Taurus Enterprises.                 
          Storks and petitioner continued to control the business                     
          operations of Canyon State Chiropractic after the creation of the           
               The proposed stipulation stated that petitioner filed a                
          joint Form 1040, U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, with Storks             
          for 1996 but did not file an income tax return for 1997.  A copy            
          of a Form 1065, U.S. Partnership Return of Income, filed by                 
          Canyon State Chiropractic LLC for 1996 and a Notice of Final                
          Partnership Administrative Adjustment (FPAA) sent to the                    
          partnership for 1996 were attached to the proposed stipulation.             
          The proposed stipulation also stated that there was no petition             
          filed with the Tax Court in response to the FPAA, Canyon State              
          Chiropractic LLC did not file a return for 1997, and Taurus                 
          Enterprises did not file any tax returns for 1996 or 1997.                  
          Finally, copies of various records of the bank accounts that were           
          used by respondent in determining petitioner’s gross receipts for           
          1996 and 1997 were attached to the proposed stipulation.  Among             
          the records were bank statements, addressed to Canyon State                 
          Chiropractic Clinic, petitioner, and Storks, and signature cards            
          for two of the three bank accounts.  One of the signature cards             

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