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          were married in 1978 and remained married at the time of trial.             
               Petitioner and Mr. Bilzerian both graduated from Stanford              
          University.  After graduating from Stanford, Mr. Bilzerian                  
          attended Harvard University and graduated in 1977 with a master’s           
          degree in business administration.  After graduating from                   
          Harvard, Mr. Bilzerian worked in the real estate business.  In              
          1982, Mr. Bilzerian began trading securities.  Before 1987, Mr.             
          Bilzerian either explored the possibility of taking over control,           
          or attempted to take over control, of several publicly traded               
          companies, including Hammermill Paper Co. (Hammermill), Armco,              
          Cluett Peabody, H.H. Robertson, and Syntex Corp.                            
               In 1986, Mr. Bilzerian and Earl and Billy Mack (the Macks)             
          formed a partnership, Bilzerian & Mack Associates (Bilzerian &              
          Mack), for the purpose of launching a takeover of Hammermill.               
          Mr. Bilzerian was a general partner of Bilzerian & Mack, and he             
          signed the partnership return for 1986 on March 23, 1987.  Mack             
          Asset Co. and Bilzerian Investors, two partnerships, were                   
          reported on Bilzerian & Mack’s 1986 Form 1065, U.S. Partnership             
          Return of Income, as other general partners.  Mr. Bilzerian was             
          involved in Bilzerian Investors and another partnership named               
          Bilzerian Ventures.  Although Hammermill was eventually acquired            
          by International Paper Co. in August of 1986, Mr. Bilzerian                 
          realized substantial gains in 1986 through Bilzerian & Mack,                

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