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          on the amended return as follows:                                           
               NET CHANGE TO INCOME               Federal                             
               ADJUSTMENTS TO SCHEDULE C                                              
                    INCOME FROM SALES             4170185                             
                    INTEREST EXPENSE              -161257                             
               ADJUSTMENTS TO SCHEDULE B                                              
                    INTEREST INCOME                                                   
                         ADD JEFFRIES & CO        91                                  
                         LESS ON SCHEDULE C       -91                                 
               On December 21, 1988, Mr. Bilzerian was indicted by a                  
          Federal grand jury on charges that he conspired to defraud the              
          Internal Revenue Service and the Securities and Exchange                    
          Commission (SEC) with respect to several of his attempted                   
          corporate acquisitions which he engaged in during the 1980s.  The           
          charges related to transactions Mr. Bilzerian carried out between           
          April 1985 and November 1986.  The nine-count indictment charged            
          Mr. Bilzerian with misrepresenting the source of funds used to              
          purchase stock on Schedule 13D filed with the SEC (funds were not           
          personal), accumulating stock in the name of nominees (parking              
          securities), making numerous false statements, and creating false           
          invoices to substantiate false deductions on his 1985 Federal               
          income tax return.  On September 27, 1989, the United States                
          District Court for the Southern District of New York entered a              
          judgment of conviction on all the counts contained in the                   
          indictment, and the judgment was affirmed by the Court of Appeals           

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