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          Bilzerian Investors, and Bilzerian Ventures from the purchase and           
          sale of Hammermill stock.                                                   
               During 1986, Mr. Bilzerian also maintained interests in                
          South Bay Fashion Center and South Bay Fashion One, two                     
          partnerships, and various other entities.                                   
               For the taxable year 1986, Mr. Bilzerian was involved in the           
          preparation of Federal income tax returns for some of the                   
          entities in which he was involved.  Additionally, a former                  
          accountant from Price Waterhouse worked full time in Mr.                    
          Bilzerian’s office handling some of the returns.  Peat, Marwick,            
          Mitchell & Co., C.P.A.s (Peat Marwick), prepared partnership tax            
          returns for Bilzerian & Mack, Bilzerian Investors, and Bilzerian            
          Ventures.  Another accountant and a tax attorney were involved in           
          preparing tax returns for other entities in which Mr. Bilzerian             
          was involved.                                                               
               While Peat Marwick was not engaged by petitioner and Mr.               
          Bilzerian to prepare or do any work on their 1986 individual                
          income tax return, Peat Marwick did prepare a schedule, entitled            
          “Paul Bilzerian’s 1986 Tax Estimate”.  This schedule was prepared           
          for the purpose of helping petitioner and Mr. Bilzerian make an             
          estimated tax payment for 1986.  The schedule reported the                  
          following gains from Mr. Bilzerian’s stock dealings in                      

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