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          corporate brokerage accounts.  Corporal Pattison identified those           
          brokerage accounts as "For Doorn Investments, Limited, Pooh Bear            
          Investments, Limited, the Bear and Pebbles Investments, Limited,            
          Canadian American Aquafarms International, Limited, Solar                   
          Aquafarms, Limited, Toronado Resources and Blackbird                        
          Investments."  Corporal Pattison further identified a schedule he           
          had prepared showing the net proceeds of trading in International           
          Tillex in those accounts, stating that the proceeds were in                 
          excess of Can$8 million.                                                    
               AUSA Tomback next called Lawrence Leicht (Agent Leicht), a             
          revenue agent assigned to the U.S. Attorney's Office in criminal            
          investigations.  Agent Leicht had been assigned the case                    
          involving petitioner and International Tillex during December of            
          1989 and had reviewed the records in the case that Corporal                 
          Pattison had developed.  Agent Leicht had prepared schedules that           
          traced funds going through bank or brokerage accounts belonging             
          to petitioner or to members of his family.  Agent Leicht                    
          identified petitioner as "the prime mover in the promotion of the           
          stock of Beverly Development from day one."  Agent Leicht also              
          identified the seven brokerage corporations addressed by Corporal           
          Pattison as the "7 Canadian corporations", although he clarified            
          this classification to include only six Canadian corporations,              
          because one of them, Blackbird, was in fact a Hong Kong                     
          corporation.  During the course of his testimony, Agent Leicht              

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