Sam F. and Ingrid D. Ford - Page 5

                                        - 5 -                                         
          addressed Government exhibit 3A.  This exhibit consisted of some            
          schedules he had prepared before the Fatico proceeding; he                  
          testified that they reflected "extensive additional monies from             
          Canada."  In response to an objection from Allison Manning,                 
          petitioner's counsel in the criminal proceeding, AUSA Tomback               
          stated that the Government would not offer the schedules into               
          evidence.  He explained:                                                    
                    I just seek to show because Ms. Manning went                      
               through at some length with Mr. Leicht to try to narrow                
               down the figure, that the figure we're dealing with                    
               that Mr. Ford got is well above $2.3 million, it is                    
               certainly above the $3 million mark and I haven't even                 
               calculated it, but it is well above that as well.  If                  
               Mr. Leicht were to sit down and calculate it, we can                   
               get a figure.                                                          
               At some point during the criminal proceedings, Agent Leicht            
          prepared a one-page handwritten document.  It was labeled                   
          "Government exhibit 3 - For ID" and bore the heading "Corporate             
          Brokerage A/C's Gains & Losses 1985-86".  It was not, however,              
          entered into evidence during the Fatico hearing.  The document              
          (hereafter exhibit 3) contained the following information:                  

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Last modified: May 25, 2011