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               the support and maintenance of the wife in the sum of                  
               Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) per year for a                     
               period of five (5) years, commencing on February 1,                    
               1996, and continuing to be payable on February 1, 1997,                
               on February 1, 1998, on February 1, 1999 and on                        
               February 1, 2000.  This portion of the alimony to be                   
               paid by the husband shall not terminate upon either the                
               death of the husband or the remarriage of the wife.                    
               These alimony payments are due on the first day of                     
               February each year as set forth above and if not paid                  
               shall bear interest at the then current judgment rate                  
               as prescribed by the Nebraska Supreme Court.                           
               Other articles of the marital settlement discussed property            
          rights and other marriage dissolution matters.  Article 5                   
          required petitioner to make monthly child support payments.                 
          Article 7 provided for the division of certain real estate                  
          between petitioner and Ms. Springer.  Articles 8 through 13                 
          addressed the division of motor vehicles, bank accounts, business           
          interests, retirement benefits, household items and personal                
          effects, and life insurance, investments, and retirement plans.             
          Article 14 stated that petitioner would be entitled to claim                
          dependency exemptions for his and Ms. Springer’s children.  Under           
          article 15, petitioner assumed responsibility for various debts             
          and liabilities incurred by him and Ms. Springer during the                 
          course of their marriage.  Finally, article 16, entitled                    
          “ADDITIONAL PROPERTY DIVISION”, stated:                                     
                    The wife shall be awarded an additional                           
               $143,000.00, payable on or before February 1, 1995, and                
               $50,000.00 plus 6% interest from date of decree to be                  
               paid on February 1, 2001, as additional property to                    
               equalize property distribution.  Husband shall have the                
               right to pay the interest annually or totally with the                 
               2001 payment.                                                          

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