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               contractors, or private sector workers pay [sic] must                  
               pay the same rate or percentage of tax on net income as                
               do the government employees under Title 26 USC �� 1, or                
               3, without affording these same government privileges,                 
               services, benefits, contributions, or funds.                           
          They argue that either respondent has to afford them a lower,               
          special tax rate or they must be afforded the same benefits as              
          Federal Government employees:                                               
               it is the position of this petitioner, that there is                   
               within the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), a separate                     
               taxing statute with a reduced or compensatory rate of                  
               tax for the taxpayers who are “private independent                     
               contractors”, or “private sector workers”.  If not,                    
               then this petitioner is entitled to receive the same                   
               compensation in benefits and economic protections as                   
               the federal employee, appointed or elected official, or                
               corporate or partnership individuals.                                  
               Respondent’s Motions for a More Definite Statement                     
               In response to the petitions, respondent moved in each case            
          for a more definite statement or to dismiss for failure to state            
          a claim upon which relief can be granted.  Following a hearing on           
          respondent’s motions, we declined to dismiss but concluded that             
          the petitions contained frivolous and groundless allegations.  We           
          struck from the petitions all such allegations, which constituted           
          the bulk of the petitions.                                                  
               The Answers                                                            
               On May 17, 2001, respondent filed his answers to the                   
          abridged petitions, denying all material allegations of fact made           
          in support of the lone remaining assignment of error contained              

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