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          Petitioners’ Dismissal Efforts                                              
               Motions To Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction                            
               On November 21, 2001, Dr. Trowbridge submitted “for the                
          petitioners” a motion styled “Petitioner’s Verified Challenge to            
          Jurisdiction of the Court”, which we filed in each case as a                
          motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction.  The motion “denies             
          the existence of any contracts or commercial agreements which               
          create an attachment of an equity relationship between the                  
          ‘United States’ and/or The State of Texas and Petitioner.”  The             
          motion also states:  “Petitioner has specifically forfeited,                
          waived, rejected, declined, and refused to voluntarily accept any           
          and all benefits, especially admiralty and limited debt liability           
          benefits, from the ‘United States’ and its instrumentalities.”              
          Apparently on those bases, the motion then states:  “Petitioner             
          hereby gives formal notice to the Court of Petitioner’s status as           
          a nonjuristic person, a Texas state Citizen, and that, in such              
          status, Petitioner squarely challenges and voids the jurisdiction           
          of this Court.”  Petitioners claimed in the motion that we lack             
          “in personam” jurisdiction and subject matter jurisdiction.  We             
          denied the motion.                                                          
               Motions To Dismiss                                                     
               On November 23, 2001, Dr. Trowbridge submitted (and Ms.                
          Martin signed “in full agreement”) a motion styled “Petitioner’s            
          Notice of Withdrawal of Petition”, which we filed in each case as           

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