Estate of Lea K. Hillgren, Deceased, Mark Hillgren, Executor - Page 3

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          and was in the catering business at various times.  In 1978 and             
          1979, decedent was a professional snow skier.  Later in her life,           
          she was a golfer.  During her life, decedent owned various                  
          income-producing properties that she acquired through a                     
          combination of purchase and inheritance from her grandfather.               
          Decedent did not marry and did not have any children.                       
               Decedent was treated for mental illness beginning in 1984.             
          Decedent’s psychiatrist, Dr. Carolyn Hays (Hays), practiced                 
          psychiatry in Beverly Hills, California.  Hays began treating               
          decedent for depression in 1987 and treated her regularly                   
          beginning in 1994.                                                          
               Decedent’s boyfriend in 1996, Michael O’Brien (O’Brien), was           
          a golf professional at decedent’s golf club.  O’Brien was                   
          approximately 10 years younger than decedent.  Around October               
          1996, decedent ended her relationship with O’Brien.                         
               On October 31, 1996, decedent attempted to commit suicide by           
          intentional overdose of medications and alcohol and by carbon               
          monoxide poisoning.  The attempt was unsuccessful because she was           
          discovered by a police officer.  She was taken to Hoag Memorial             
          Hospital Presbyterian (Hoag hospital) in Newport Beach,                     
          California, and was admitted for treatment for a week or two at             
          Cedars Sinai Medical Center (Cedars Sinai) in Los Angeles,                  
          California.  Decedent’s treating psychiatrist at Cedars Sinai and           

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Last modified: May 25, 2011