Estate of Lea K. Hillgren, Deceased, Mark Hillgren, Executor - Page 5

                                        - 5 -                                         
          original trust, and Hillgren was named as the beneficiary.  The             
          “Schedule I” attached to the original trust specified the                   
          property that was transferred to the trust and included shares of           
          stock in Sea Shell Properties, Limited (Sea Shell Limited), and             
          unspecified real estate partnership interests.  On November 24,             
          1986, decedent executed a durable power of attorney, appointing             
          Hillgren as her agent.                                                      
          Business Entities                                                           
               Prior to 1988, decedent, as trustee of the original trust,             
          owned a California corporation, Sea Shell Limited.  In December             
          1988, Sea Shell Limited dissolved, and all of its assets were               
          distributed to decedent as trustee of the original trust.                   
          Decedent then conducted business as a sole proprietor under the             
          name Sea Shell Properties.  (“Sea Shell” will be used to refer to           
          Sea Shell Properties and its predecessor and related entities               
          that were essentially controlled by decedent and bore names used            
          interchangeably in referring to decedent’s business activities.)            
          On December 12, 1997, after decedent’s death, Hillgren filed a              
          fictitious business name statement in California for Sea Shell              
          Limited, naming decedent as the registrant.                                 
               As of the date of decedent’s death, Hillgren had worked in             
          the real estate industry for 27 years.  Prior to December 1986,             
          Hillgren established, merged, and dissolved various entities,               
          some with similar names, to conduct his real estate activities.             

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Last modified: May 25, 2011