Estate of Lea K. Hillgren, Deceased, Mark Hillgren, Executor - Page 7

                                        - 7 -                                         
          properties, however, were actually described in exhibit B,                  
          whereas the University property was described in exhibit A,                 
          because the exhibits were inadvertently switched when the BLA was           
          signed.  The Orange County properties included properties on West           
          Collins Avenue (West Collins), North Main Street (North Main),              
          and North Enterprise Street (Enterprise) in Orange County,                  
               The BLA provided that, in exchange for the consideration               
          given by Hillgren, decedent encumbered the Orange County                    
          properties as collateral for the fulfillment of decedent’s                  
          obligations to Hillgren.  Hillgren also had the sole right and              
          discretion to determine if and when any of the Orange County                
          properties should be sold for up to 29 years after the date of              
          the BLA.  As stated in the BLA, Hillgren would also provide                 
          $1 million, if necessary, to maintain decedent’s financial                  
          obligations in the University property.  Decedent granted to                
          Hillgren a 25-percent interest in “all net cash sales/refinance             
          proceeds” (25-percent lender interest) from the University                  
          property.  The 25-percent lender interest was defined in the BLA            
          as any cash proceeds available from refinancing or cash from a              
          sale of the property, after payment of all preexisting debts.               
          The BLA appointed Hillgren as decedent’s “attorney-in-fact” for             
          the duration of the contract.  Pursuant to the BLA, decedent paid           
          delinquent property taxes.                                                  

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Last modified: May 25, 2011