Jean-Remy Facq and Jennifer Huff-Facq - Page 3

          Mr. Facq’s Employment                                                       
               Mr. Facq is a skilled software designer.  After working at             
          Microsoft in the MSN department for about 5 years, he decided to            
          leave when Microsoft canceled a project in which he had devoted             
          significant time during the mid-1990s.  He began to talk to other           
          employees at Microsoft to see whether other opportunities were              
          available.  A friend introduced him to Naveen Jain (Mr. Jain),              
          another Microsoft employee, who was planning to leave Microsoft             
          to start a new Internet business with an idea he had.  Mr. Facq             
          was interested in the idea and decided to depart Microsoft and              
          join Mr. Jain’s new Internet and mobile technologies venture,               
          InfoSpace, in February 1996.                                                
               Mr. Facq and Mr. Jain were the two initial founding                    
          employees of InfoSpace.  Mr. Facq was responsible for the                   
          technical aspects of InfoSpace.  Mr. Facq created, developed,               
          maintained, and modified the software and technology InfoSpace              
          used to generate revenues.  For example, Mr. Facq developed and             
          wrote the Web server, ad server, and user manager service                   
          programs.  Mr. Jain, on the other hand, handled the                         
          administrative side of the business.  Mr. Jain served as                    
          President and administrative head of InfoSpace, allowing Mr. Facq           
          to focus on the technical aspects required to make InfoSpace                
          successful.  Mr. Facq’s roles included Chief Technical Officer,             
          Senior Software Design Engineer, and Chief Systems Architect.               

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Last modified: May 25, 2011