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          Petitioners’ Charitable Gifts                                               
               On their Federal income tax return for 2001, petitioners               
          deducted on Schedule A, Itemized Deductions, gifts to charity of            
          $15,663.  Included in the total was $300 as “gifts by cash or               
          check” and $11,347 as gifts “other than by cash or check”.                  
               Petitioners also included with their return four Forms 8283,           
          Noncash Charitable Contributions.  Two of the Forms 8283 list               
          donations to the Salvation Army valued at $500 each on five                 
          dates, consisting of “Misc. Antiques:  Furniture, Toys, Games,              
          Signs, Pottery, China, Glassware, Etc.”  A third form lists “Sun            
          Cities Animal Rescue” as the donee also of “Misc. Antiques:                 
          Furniture, Toys, Games, Signs, Pottery, China, Glassware, Etc.”,            
          and Goodwill as the donee of “Like New TV & 5 Bags of Fashon                
          [sic] Clothes, Like New Coutch [sic] & 2 Chairs & 5 Boxes                   
          Household Goods”.  As with the other two forms, the latter lists            
          donations on five dates, three valued at $500, one at $300, and             
          one at $200.  The fourth Form 8283 relates to philatelic and                
          numismatic gifts on which the parties have come to agreement.               
          Petitioners’ Casualty or Theft Loss                                         
               Petitioners also deducted on Schedule A casualty and theft             
          losses of $5,679.  Form 4684, Casualties and Thefts, which was              
          included with petitioners’ tax return, described the affected               
          property as a 1991 Chevrolet Silverado Extra Cab pickup truck               
          (truck).  Petitioners reported on the form that the truck had a             

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