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         the truck immediately before the casualty at between $4,218 and              
              Petitioners argue that, although generally useful, Blue Book            
         values in this case are inaccurate.  Petitioner testified that               
         the truck was literally a showpiece.  According to petitioner, it            
         had special paint, wheels, tires, and engine appearance items,               
         and extensive electronic gaming, music, lighting, and antitheft              
         systems.  Petitioner testified that he entered the truck in                  
         various car shows, but he presented no pictures, trophies, or                
         other evidence of having entered his truck into the shows.1                  
         Petitioners did produce receipts for the purchase of the                     
         electronic gaming, music, lighting, and antitheft systems,                   
         showing the total cost to be more than $16,000.  The electronics,            
         however, were installed in the truck in 1994, 7 years before the             
         theft.  The electronics would not have the same value in 2001 as             
         they did when new in 1994.                                                   
              Even more difficult is determining the fair market value of             
         the truck after the casualty.  Petitioners reported on their                 
         return that the truck was only worth $2,000 after the theft.  But            
         the record contains no explanation of the derivation of                      
         petitioners’ asserted valuation.  Petitioners produced no                    
         pictures of the damage to the truck.  There is no insurance                  

               1The mileage accumulated on the truck and the carrying of a            
          toolbox, without further explanation, is more suggestive of a               
          working truck than a show truck.                                            

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