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          cost basis of $20,000, a fair market value before the casualty or           
          theft of $13,000, and a fair market value after the casualty or             
          theft of $2,000.                                                            
               Petitioner filed a report of a stolen vehicle on February              
          10, 2001, with the Phoenix Police Department.  The report                   
          includes, along with other information, a valuation of the truck            
          at $1,000 and states that the truck had been driven approximately           
          150,000 miles by the date of the theft.  Other notations in the             
          report indicate that there was a toolbox in the rear of the truck           
          and that the vehicle was insured by “Allstate”.                             
               According to a supplemental police report on the incident,             
          petitioners’ truck was recovered on February 12, 2001.  In                  
          addition to repeating much of the information recorded in the               
          original report, the supplemental report states that “The vehicle           
          was stopped by the Border Patrol at the Sunsites Texaco Fuel                
          Station.  The vehicle has extensive damage to the exterior and              
          interior.  There was no toolbox in the bed of the truck.”                   
               The Certificate of Title for the truck indicates that the              
          “Factory List Price” was $13,065, and that title was transferred            
          to petitioner on June 14, 1994, with an odometer reading of                 
          51,023 miles.  Judging from other information in the Certificate            
          of Title, petitioner is the third owner of the truck.  A copy of            
          the Cochise County Sheriff’s Department Vehicle Removal Report              

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