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          and asked that she not produce any of his returns from the 1998             
          tax year and earlier because the returns could cause him problems           
          because of a divorce.                                                       
          Criminal Proceedings                                                        
               Petitioner was indicted for willfully filing false returns             
          for 1990, 1991, and 1992 that understated his true income.  On              
          March 19, 1998, a jury found petitioner guilty of three counts of           
          filing false Federal income tax returns for 1990, 1991, and                 
          1992.11  On July 24, 1998, the U.S. District Court filed its                
          judgment in the criminal case regarding petitioner (judgment).              
          The judgment included petitioner’s terms of imprisonment,                   
          supervised release, standard conditions of supervision, and                 
          restitution.  In the restitution portion of the judgment, the               
          District Court ordered petitioner to                                        
               take, by August 7, 1998, all steps necessary to turn                   
               over to the United States government full title to 304                 
               United States Savings Bonds with face values of                        
               $1,000.00 each in the names of Michael and Tadd Hoover.                
               The United States Attorney’s Office shall ensure this                  
               turnover, and then shall itself turn the bonds over to                 
               the United States District Court Clerk * * * for                       
               application to the following: first, to the                            
               expenditures on Mr. Hoover’s behalf as ultimately                      
               computed under the Criminal Justice Act (for attorney                  
               and accountant services, including appellate attorney                  
               fees), then to the costs of prosecution in the sum of                  
               $3,191.77, then to Purdue University, Division of                      

               11 Petitioner was also charged with and convicted on one               
          count of making false statements on a student loan application.             

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