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               On September 20, 1999, petitioner’s attorney in his criminal           
          case filed a letter with the clerk of the District Court that               
          stated that the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit had                
          modified petitioner’s restitution order.  The District Court                
          modified its judgment order “by deleting the requirement that               
          * * * [petitioner] make restitution to the Internal Revenue                 
          Service and the requirement that U.S. Savings Bonds be held for             
          that purpose.”                                                              
               The District Court ordered disbursement of the proceeds held           
          by the clerk of the District Court from the liquidation of the              
          U.S. savings bonds as follows:  (1) $6,754.65 for attorney's                
          fees, (2) $8,200 for accounting services, (3) $1,150 for expert             
          testimony fees, and (4) $3,191.77 for the costs of prosecution.             
          The District Court ordered the clerk to release the remaining               
          funds.  After payment of restitution to all claimants except                
          respondent, the remaining proceeds of $209,916.51 were paid to              
          respondent on February 29, 2000, pursuant to the notice of                  
          jeopardy levy.                                                              
               On February 28, 2001, Michael Hoover and Tadd Hoover filed a           
          letter with the District Court requesting it to order the U.S.              
          Attorney’s Office to deliver to them the U.S. savings bonds that            
          were surrendered to the court clerk.  On April 16, 2001, the U.S.           

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Last modified: May 25, 2011