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          worked until at least 6 p.m., when the daycare closed.  Mr.                 
          Speltz cared for all the children if Mrs. Speltz was absent,                
          usually when Mrs. Speltz had doctor or dentist appointments.  For           
          a short period of time, Mr. Speltz cared for a small boy whose              
          mother had to work very early from 5 a.m. until 6 a.m.                      
          Generally, however, Mrs. Speltz directed Mr. Speltz to monitor              
          and care for about five or six older children when he arrived               
          home.5  Mr. Speltz monitored the children indoors and whenever              
          possible outdoors, where the children could be active playing               
          kickball, soccer, and basketball, and sledding on the vast                  
          stretch of property that petitioners maintained according to                
          State of Minnesota daycare standards.  Sometimes Mr. Speltz took            
          the children on nature walks along the creek running through                
          petitioners’ property.  Mr. Speltz also took the children for               
          rides in a trailer connected to his tractor, and he often took              
          them across the many acres of petitioners’ farm to collect                  
          firewood that Mr. Speltz chopped to heat petitioners’ home.6  In            
          addition, Mr. Speltz spent time repairing the children’s toys,              
          cleaning, and organizing the daycare areas.                                 
               Mr. Speltz also performed tasks benefiting petitioners                 
          personally, including picking up mail, groceries, chopping                  

               5When the children were split into two groups, Mrs. Speltz             
          watched the younger children, whose care involved diapering,                
          toilet training, and playing with toys.                                     
               6Firewood was the only source of heat in their home.                   

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