Code of Virginia - Title 25.1 Eminent Domain - Section 25.1-236 Contracts made part of report

§ 25.1-236. Contracts made part of report

If the petitioner and the person whose property is being condemned under the provisions of this chapter shall, before the report of just compensation is made, (i) enter into any contract in relation to building, operating, or maintaining the proposed work, or in relation to fencing, culverts, depots, stations, crossings, sidings, cattle guards, damage from fire, injury to or destruction of property, real or personal, or like matters, and (ii) introduce such contract at the trial of the issue of just compensation, such contract shall be accepted and made a part of the report of the award of just compensation. Upon confirmation of such report, the contract shall thereafter run as a covenant with the land or with the interest or estate therein taken.

(Code 1919, § 4380; Code 1950, §§ 25-36, 25-37; 1962, c. 426, § 25-46.23; 2003, c. 940.)

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Last modified: April 3, 2009