Code of Virginia - Title 33.1 Highways, Bridges And Ferries - Section 33.1-254 Acquisition or establishment

§ 33.1-254. Acquisition or establishment

The Commonwealth Transportation Board may acquire by purchase, condemnation or gift any ferry within the Commonwealth which forms a connecting link in a state highway and may purchase all equipment and other things necessary for the establishment of new ferries to become connecting links in the state highway systems, whenever it shall determine such action to be advisable and expedient. The Board may expend from state highway construction funds of the highway district or districts where the ferries are located and are under its control at any time such sums as may be necessary to acquire or establish, maintain and operate any such ferry.

The Board may operate such ferry either as a free or toll ferry and may establish a toll for the use of such ferry at such rates as are deemed by the Board to be reasonable and proper without regulation by any other governmental body.

(Code 1950, § 33-209; 1970, c. 322.)

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Last modified: April 3, 2009