Code of Virginia - Title 46.2 Motor Vehicles - Section 46.2-944 Definitions

§ 46.2-944. Definitions

As used in this article:

"Jurisdiction" means a state, territory, or possession of the United States, the District of Columbia, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

"Home jurisdiction" means the jurisdiction that issued the driver's license of the traffic violator.

"Issuing jurisdiction" means the jurisdiction in which the traffic citation was issued to the motorist.

"Party jurisdiction" means any jurisdiction which by its laws or by written agreement with the Commonwealth extends to residents of Virginia substantially the rights and privileges provided by this article.

"Court" means a court of law or traffic tribunal.

"Citation" means any summons, ticket, or other official document issued by a police officer for a traffic violation containing an order which requires the motorist to respond.

"Terms of the citation" means those options expressly stated upon the citation.

"Compliance" means the motorist must appear for a hearing and/or pay court fines and costs.

"Driver's license" means any license or privilege to operate a motor vehicle issued under the laws of the home jurisdiction.

"Collateral" or "bond" means any cash or other security deposited to secure an appearance for trial, following the issuance by a police officer of a citation for a traffic violation.

"Personal recognizance" means a signed agreement by a motorist made at the time of issuance of the traffic citation that he will comply with the terms of that traffic citation.

"Motorist" means a driver of a motor vehicle operating in a party jurisdiction other than the home jurisdiction.

"Police officer" means any individual authorized by the party jurisdiction to issue a citation for a traffic violation.

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