Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 16 Animals And Livestock (Formerly: Animals, Estrays, Brands, And Fences) - Section 16.60.015 Liability for damages -- Restraint -- Notice

§ 16.60.015. Liability for damages -- Restraint -- Notice

Any person making and maintaining in good repair around his or her enclosure or enclosures, any fence such as is described in RCW 16.60.010 and 16.60.011, may recover in a suit for trespass before the nearest court having competent jurisdiction, from the owner or owners of any animal or animals which shall break through such fence, in full for all damages sustained on account of such trespass, together with the costs of suits; and the animal or animals, so trespassing, may be taken and held as security for the payment of such damages and costs: PROVIDED, That such person shall provide notice as required under RCW 16.04.020 and 16.04.025: PROVIDED FURTHER, That such person shall have such fences examined and the damages assessed by three reliable, disinterested parties and practical farmers, within five days next after the trespass has been committed: AND, PROVIDED FURTHER, That if, before trial, the owner of such trespassing animal or animals, shall have tendered the person injured any costs which may have accrued, and also the amount in lieu of damages which shall equal or exceed the amount of damages afterwards awarded by the court or jury, and the person injured shall refuse the same and cause the trial to proceed, such person shall pay all costs and receive only the damages awarded.

[1985 c 415 § 26; Code 1881 § 2490; 1873 p 447 § 3; 1871 p 64 § 3; 1869 p 324 § 3; RRS § 5443.]

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