Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 16 Animals And Livestock (Formerly: Animals, Estrays, Brands, And Fences) - Section 16.60.020 Partition fence -- Reimbursement

§ 16.60.020. Partition fence -- Reimbursement

When any fence has been, or shall hereafter be, erected by any person on the boundary line of his land and the person owning land adjoining thereto shall make, or cause to be made, an inclosure, so that such fence may also answer the purpose of inclosing his ground, he shall pay the owner of such fence already erected one-half of the value of so much thereof as serves for a partition fence between them: PROVIDED, That in case such fence has woven wire or other material known as hog fencing, then the adjoining owner shall not be required to pay the extra cost of such hog fencing over and above the cost of erecting a lawful fence, as by law defined, unless such adjoining owner has his land fenced with hog fencing and uses the partition fence to make a hog enclosure of his land, then he shall pay to the one who owns said hog fence one-half of the value thereof.

[1907 c 13 § 1; Code 1881 § 2491; 1873 p 448 § 4; 1871 p 65 § 4; 1869 p 324 § 4; RRS § 5444.]

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