Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 16 Animals And Livestock (Formerly: Animals, Estrays, Brands, And Fences) - Section 16.60.050 Partition fence -- Hog fencing

§ 16.60.050. Partition fence -- Hog fencing

The respective owners of adjoining inclosures shall keep up and maintain in good repair all partition fences between such inclosures in equal shares, so long as they shall continue to occupy or improve the same; and in case either of the parties shall desire to make such fence capable of turning hogs and the other party does not desire to use it for such purpose, then the party desiring to use it shall have the right to attach hog-fencing material to the posts of such fence, which hog fencing shall remain the property of the party who put it up, and he may remove it at any time he desires: PROVIDED, That he leaves the fence in as good condition as it was when the hog fencing was by him attached, the natural decay of the posts excepted. The attaching of such hog fencing shall not relieve the other party from the duty of keeping in repair his part of such fence, as to all materials used in said fence additional to said hog fencing.

[1907 c 13 § 2; Code 1881 § 2494; 1873 p 449 § 7; 1871 p 65 § 7; 1869 p 325 § 7; RRS § 5447.]

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