Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 74 Public Assistance - Section 74.34.095 Confidential information--Disclosure

§ 74.34.095. Confidential information--Disclosure

(1) The following information is confidential and not subject to disclosure, except as provided in this section:

(a) A report of abandonment, abuse, financial exploitation, or neglect made under this chapter;

(b) The identity of the person making the report; and

(c) All files, reports, records, communications, and working papers used or developed in the investigation or provision of protective services.

(2) Information considered confidential may be disclosed only for a purpose consistent with this chapter or as authorized by chapter 18.20, 18.51, or 74.39A RCW, or as authorized by the long-term care ombudsman programs under federal law or state law, chapter 43.190 RCW.

(3) A court or presiding officer in an administrative proceeding may order disclosure of confidential information only if the court, or presiding officer in an administrative proceeding, determines that disclosure is essential to the administration of justice and will not endanger the life or safety of the vulnerable adult or individual who made the report. The court or presiding officer in an administrative hearing may place restrictions on such disclosure as the court or presiding officer deems proper.

[2000 c 87 § 4; 1999 c 176 § 17.]

     Findings -- Purpose -- Severability -- Conflict with federal requirements -- 1999 c 176: See notes following RCW 74.34.005.

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