Code of Alabama - Title 16: Education - Section 16-22-17 - Payroll deductions for participation in statewide programs

Section 16-22-17 - Payroll deductions for participation in statewide programs.

(a) When used in this section, the following terms shall have the following meanings, respectively:

(1) EMPLOYEE. Any person employed full-time as provided by law by those employers enumerated in this section and adult bus drivers.

(2) EMPLOYER. All public city and county boards of education; the Board of Trustees of the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind; the Alabama Youth Services Department District Board in its capacity as the Board of Education for the Youth Services Department District; the Board of Directors of the Alabama School of Fine Arts; the Board of Trustees of the Alabama High School of Mathematics and Science; the State Board of Education as applied to the payroll office of two-year postsecondary education institutions; and the Board of Trustees of Alabama A and M University.

(3) PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION or ORGANIZATION. The employees' local professional organization representing the majority of employees of an identified class of employees in matters involving employee/employer relations.

(4) RETIREE. Any person who is receiving a benefit check each month from the Teachers' Retirement System.

(b) Each employer and the Teachers' Retirement System for each retiree shall prepare a separate slot on their regular monthly, weekly, or biweekly personnel payrolls to provide for all eligible employees to have the opportunity to purchase, at group rates or group discounts through their professional organization, different plans for annuities, deferred compensation, disability, casualty, automobile, personal liability, long-term health care and health insurance, and other programs offered on a statewide basis by the organization for which the employees or retirees qualify and which they chose to purchase. Each employee and retiree who qualifies may choose to participate in the various statewide programs offered and may authorize deductions from his or her regular payroll check or annuity in the amount of such premiums and costs necessary to cover the programs chosen. The employer and the Teachers' Retirement System shall aggregate the sum of the total deductions authorized by all their employees or retirees and shall submit payment in one check with a list of deductions and coverages for each employee for each pay period on a timely basis to the professional organization or its designated agent. Payment to the professional organization for dues deductions and voluntary contributions shall be by separate check from the deductions made pursuant to this subsection. Following the correct and proper deduction and timely transmittal of funds, the employer shall bear no further responsibility. The professional organization or its designated agent shall receive funds from the employer and disburse such funds as may be necessary to each provider offering plans and coverages. All employees and retirees may participate in group plans or programs offered statewide through the professional organization by authorizing and submitting to the employer or the Teachers' Retirement System a form indicating the amount to be deducted for purchases of group plans, programs, or coverages. The custodian of funds and/or the financial officer is hereby authorized and directed to initiate payroll deductions for plans and coverages as directed by each employee and retiree and to submit payment to the professional organization. One check shall aggregate the total amount authorized by all employees and shall accompany a list of participating employees and the amount of deductions and the plans or programs of coverages for each. It is expressly provided that any benefits inuring to the employee under the provisions of this subsection shall not supplant any benefits which the employee may be receiving from the employer on August 1, 1999. The provisions of this section are intended as a benefit to the employees to provide the lowest possible cost for purchase of coverages. No employer shall apply any administrative charges for performance of the requirements of this section.

(Act 99-382, p. 608, §§1, 2.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021