Alaska Statutes Sec. 15.07.090 - Voting After Change of Name; Reregistration; Amendment or Transfer of Registration

(a) A voter whose name is changed by marriage or court order may vote under the previous name, but a voter who desires to use a new name shall vote a questioned ballot.

(b) A voter shall reregister if the voter's registration is cancelled as provided in AS 15.07.130 . The reregistration is effective for the next election that occurs at least 30 days after the date of reregistration.

(c) The director shall transfer the registration of a voter from one precinct to another within a house district when requested by the voter. The request shall be made 30 or more days before the election day. The director shall transfer the registration of a voter from one house district to another when requested by the voter. The voter must reside in the new house district for at least 30 days in order to vote.

(d) A person who claims to be a registered voter, but for whom no evidence of registration in the precinct can be found, shall be granted the right to vote in the same manner as that of a questioned voter and the ballot shall be treated in the same manner. The ballot shall be considered to be a "questioned ballot" and shall be so designated. The director or the director's representative shall determine whether the voter is registered in the house district before counting the ballot. A voter who has failed to obtain a transfer as provided in (c) of this section shall vote a "questioned ballot" in the precinct in which the voter resides.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016