Arizona Revised Statutes Title 23 - Labor

Article 1 In General

Article 1 In General

Article 2 Employment of Unauthorized Aliens

Article 3 Youth Employment

Article 5 Hours of Labor

Article 6 Minimum Wages for Minors

Article 6.1 Equal Wages

Article 7 Payment of Wages

Article 8 Minimum Wage

  • § 23-362; Version 2 Definitions
    (2006 Prop. 202, sec. 2. Caution: 1998 Prop. 105 applies.) As used in this article, unless the context otherwise requires: A. " Employee" means...
  • § 23-363 Minimum Wage
    (Caution: 1998 Prop. 105 applies) A. Employers shall pay employees no less than the minimum wage, which shall be six dollars and seventy-five cents...
  • § 23-364 Enforcement
    (Caution: 1998 Prop. 105 applies) A. The commission is authorized to enforce and implement this article and may promulgate regulations consistent with this article...
  • § 23-365 Reliance On Administrative Rule Or Regulation
    (Added with a 1998 Prop. 105 clause pursuant to L07, Ch. 272) In any action or proceeding commenced on or after January 1, 2007,...

Article 9 Wages and Hours of Public Employees

Article 10 Division of Occupational Safety and Health

Article 11 Safety Conditions for Boilers and Lined Hot Water Storage Heaters

Article 12 Safety Conditions for Elevators and Similar Conveyances

Article 14 Drug Testing of Employees

Article 15 Noncompete Clauses

Article 16 Voluntary Veterans' Preference Employment Policy

Article 1 Vocational Rehabilitation

  • § 23-501 Definitions
    In this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Department" means the department of economic security. 2. " Director" means the director of...
  • § 23-502 Rehabilitation Services
    The department shall provide vocational rehabilitation service to persons with a disability who are eligible as provided by this article.
  • § 23-503 Duties And Powers
    The department shall cooperate in carrying out the purposes of federal statutes pertaining to vocational rehabilitation. The division may adopt methods of administration found...
  • § 23-503.01 Coordination Of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
    The department shall coordinate its provision of vocational rehabilitation services to persons with an intellectual disability with its provision of intellectual disability services to...
  • § 23-504 Merchandising Businesses For The Blind
    A. The department of economic security shall make surveys of merchandising business opportunities for and license persons who have no vision or acuity, or...
  • § 23-506 Eligibility For Assistance
    A. Vocational rehabilitation service shall be provided to a person with a disability, resident in the state, whose vocational rehabilitation in the judgment of...
  • § 23-507 Hearings
    A person applying for or receiving vocational rehabilitation service who is aggrieved by an action of the division may appeal to the director, subject...
  • § 23-508 Administrative Funds
    A. The state treasurer shall be the custodian of monies received from the federal government for the purpose of carrying out any federal law...

Article 2 Private Employment Agents

Article 3 Day Labor

  • § 23-551 Definitions
    In this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Day labor" means labor or employment that is under a contract between a day...
  • § 23-552 Exemptions
    This article does not apply to: 1. Business entities registered as farm labor contractors. 2. Temporary help services engaged in supplying white-collar employees, secretarial...
  • § 23-553 Day Labor Service Agency; Third Party Employer; Duties
    A. A day labor service agency shall compensate day laborers for work performed by providing or making available commonly accepted negotiable instruments that are...

Article 4 Professional Employer Organizations

  • § 23-561 Definitions
    In this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Administrative fee" means the fee that is charged to a client by a professional...
  • § 23-562 Professional Employer Agreements; Rights; Notice
    A. A professional employer agreement shall: 1. Govern the co-employment relationship between the client and the professional employer organization and between each co-employer and...
  • § 23-563 Registration Requirements; Confidentiality
    A. Every professional employer organization that provides professional employer services in this state shall register with the secretary of state. The secretary of state...
  • § 23-564 Initial Registration; Fee
    A. Beginning March 1, 2006, every professional employer organization in this state shall file an initial registration with the secretary of state. The initial...
  • § 23-565 Renewal Registration; Fee
    Within one hundred eighty days of a registrant's completed fiscal year, each registrant shall file a renewal registration with the secretary of state. The...
  • § 23-566 Group Registration
    Only for purposes of registration with the secretary of state, if two or more professional employer organizations are held under common control of another...
  • § 23-567 Limited Registration; Fee
    A. Notwithstanding section 23-564 or 23-565, a professional employer organization may file a limited registration with the secretary of state on a form prescribed...
  • § 23-568 Alternative Registration; Fee
    A. The secretary of state may establish by rule an alternative registration that accepts an affidavit or certification of a bonded, independent and qualified...
  • § 23-569 Financial Capability; Bonding; Exception
    A. Every professional employer organization that is located in this state shall maintain either of the following: 1. A minimum net worth of at...
  • § 23-570 Liability
    A. Unless otherwise expressly provided by a professional employer agreement or otherwise required by law, a client: 1. Shall be solely responsible for: (a)...
  • § 23-571 Tax Obligations And Incentives
    A. This article does not relieve a client from paying any tax liability that is due under title 42 or 43. B. Any tax...
  • § 23-572 Services Not Insurance
    A registrant under this article is not engaged in the sale of insurance by offering, marketing, selling, administering or providing professional employer organization services...
  • § 23-573 Rights; Duties
    A. Covered employees may enforce those rights against a professional employer organization that are allocated to the professional employer organization or that are shared...
  • § 23-574 Covered Employees; Licensing
    A. A covered employee who is required to be licensed, registered or certified under the laws of this state shall be deemed an employee...
  • § 23-575 Violations; Classification; Civil Penalties; Rules
    A. A person who offers to provide or actually provides professional employer services or uses the name professional employer organization, staff leasing, employee leasing...
  • § 23-576 Professional Employer Organization Fund; Use; Exemption
    A. The professional employer organization fund is established consisting of fees collected pursuant to this article. The secretary of state shall administer the fund....

Article 1 Definitions

Article 1.1 Extended Benefits

Article 2 Administration and Enforcement

Article 2.1 Unemployment Insurance Tax Anticipation Notes

Article 3 Decisions, Hearings and Orders

Article 4 Funds

Article 5 Contributions

Article 5.1 Shared Work Unemployment Compensation

Article 5.2 Job Training Employer Tax

Article 6 Benefits

Article 7 General Provisions

Article 1 In General

Article 1 Scope of Workers' Compensation

Article 2 Administration and Enforcement

Article 3 Orders and Hearings

Article 4 Providing for Compensation

Article 6 Insurance Under Compensation Fund

Article 7 Right to Compensation

Article 8 Amount of Compensation

Article 9 Payment of Compensation

Article 10 Administrative Fund

Article 11 Assigned Risk Plan

  • § 23-1091 Assigned Risk Plan
    A. An insurer may decline to issue a workers' compensation or occupational disease policy to an employer. An employer who is refused coverage by...

Article 12 Presumptions of Compensability

Article 1 Right to Work

Article 2 Picketing and Secondary Boycotts

Article 3 Contracts of Employment Contrary to Public Policy

Article 4 Blacklisting

Article 5 Agricultural Employment Relations

  • § 23-1381 Declaration Of Policy
    It is hereby declared to be the policy of this state that the uninterrupted production, packing, processing, transporting and marketing of agricultural products are...
  • § 23-1382 Definitions
    In this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Agricultural employee, permanent" means any employee who is over sixteen years of age, who...
  • § 23-1383 Rights Of Employees
    A. Agricultural employees have the right to self-organization, to bargain directly for themselves, and to form and join or assist labor organizations to bargain...
  • § 23-1384 Rights Of Employer
    An agricultural employer has the following management rights: 1. To manage, control and conduct his operations, including but not limited to the number of...
  • § 23-1385 Unfair Labor Practices; Definition
    A. It is an unfair labor practice for an agricultural employer: 1. To interfere with, restrain or coerce employees in the exercise of the...
  • § 23-1386 Agricultural Employment Relations Board; Members; Terms; Appointment
    A. An agricultural employment relations board is established that consists of seven members. B. The governor shall appoint the members of the board. Two...
  • § 23-1387 Powers And Duties
    A. By one or more of its members or by such agents or agencies as it may designate, the board may prosecute any inquiry...
  • § 23-1388 Officers And Employees Of The Board
    A. The board may appoint an executive secretary and such attorneys and other employees as it may from time to time find necessary for...
  • § 23-1389 Representatives And Elections
    A. Representatives selected by a secret ballot for the purposes of collective bargaining by the majority of the agricultural employees in a unit appropriate...
  • § 23-1390 Prevention Of Unfair Labor Practices
    A. The board, as provided in this section, may prevent any person from engaging in any unfair labor practice. B. If it is charged...
  • § 23-1391 Investigatory Powers
    A. The board, or its duly authorized agent or agencies, shall have access to, at all reasonable times, for the purpose of examination, and...
  • § 23-1392 Violation; Classification
    Any person who knowingly resists, prevents, impedes or interferes with any member of the board or any of its agents or agencies in the...
  • § 23-1393 Court Jurisdiction
    A. Any person who is aggrieved or is injured in his business or property by reason of any violation of this article, or a...
  • § 23-1394 Scope Of Article
    This article applies only to such persons, labor organizations or activities as are not within the jurisdiction of the national labor relations act or...
  • § 23-1395 Limitations
    A. Nothing in this article, except as otherwise specifically provided, shall be construed as to interfere with or impede or diminish in any way...

Article 6 Organizational Rights

Article 1 General Provisions

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