Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-1350 Registry Of Equine Rescue Facilities; Fees

3-1350. Registry of equine rescue facilities; fees

A. The department shall establish and maintain a registry of equine rescue facilities and a public list of registered equine rescue facilities at department offices and on the department's official website.

B. To be registered under this section an equine rescue facility must:

1. Be incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in this state.

2. Meet minimum standards prescribed by the department for:

(a) The physical condition of the facility.

(b) Equine care and treatment at the facility.

C. The term of registration is one year from the initial date of registration, renewable annually.

D. For initial registration or annual renewal of registration, a person representing the facility must file with the department:

1. A letter from a licensed veterinarian, dated within fifteen days of filing, certifying that the facility meets the standards prescribed by the department for the physical condition of the facility and for the care of equines at the facility.

2. Documents demonstrating the facility's current status as a nonprofit corporation in good standing in this state.

E. The registry shall include the documents filed for registration or renewal of registration under subsection D of this section or a link to the facility's website where the documents are displayed.

F. The director may:

1. Assess and collect fees for registering and renewing the registration of equine rescue facilities under this section. Revenues from the fees shall be deposited in the livestock custody trust fund established by section 3-1377.

2. Adopt rules to implement this section.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016