Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-1376 Hearing On Claim; Release Or Sale Of Seized Livestock; Appeals

3-1376. Hearing on claim; release or sale of seized livestock; appeals

A. If any person appears at the time fixed for the hearing and claims all or part of the livestock, the claim shall be stated and the judge of the court or justice of the peace shall enter upon the minutes of the court the fact that the claim is made and the hearing shall proceed as in civil actions.

B. Livestock determined by the court to be owned by any person shall be released from seizure, upon payment to the department of the hauling charges and expense of feeding and caring for such livestock. Livestock not so adjudged, or the ownership of which is doubtful, shall be forfeited to the state and ordered sold by the department at public auction, upon a fixed date after notice, as sales of personal property under execution.

C. An appeal from the judgment may be taken as in civil actions and shall be governed by the same rules that apply to appeals from justice courts or from the superior court, as the case may be.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016