Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-1374 Setting Time For Hearing On Ownership Of Seized Stock; Issuance Of Summons

3-1374. Setting time for hearing on ownership of seized stock; issuance of summons

A. The clerk of the court or justice of the peace, as the case may be, after filing and docketing the report of seizure shall enter a brief statement of the seizure on the docket and set a time for hearing evidence of the ownership of the livestock, which shall be not less than ten and not more than twenty calendar days after the date the report is filed.

B. The clerk or justice of the peace shall issue a summons directing all persons claiming all or part of the livestock to appear at the time set and offer proof of ownership.

C. The summons:

1. Shall be addressed to those whom it may concern.

2. Shall be accompanied by a copy of the report.

3. Shall be delivered to and served by the livestock officer who made the seizure or by a constable or sheriff of the county.

4. Is returnable and shall be heard as in civil actions.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016