Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-1371 Seizure Of Livestock By A Livestock Officer

3-1371. Seizure of livestock by a livestock officer

Livestock officers shall seize livestock, except unweaned animals running with their mothers, wherever found and when the livestock officer questions the livestock's ownership. The question of ownership may be raised in the following circumstances:

1. The livestock is not branded as required by this chapter.

2. The ownership of the livestock is questioned by another person.

3. The livestock has brands so mutilated, indistinct, burned or otherwise disfigured as to be difficult of ascertainment.

4. The livestock bears a brand which is not recorded.

5. The livestock is freshly branded and not found with its mother.

6. The livestock has a brand or mark which is not the recorded brand or mark of the owner.

7. The livestock is that which is known as " leppys, " " orejanas, " " sleepers, " " dogies" or " mavericks."

8. Other circumstances raising questions as to the livestock's ownership.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016