Arizona Revised Statutes § 6-1213 Records

6-1213. Records

A. Each licensee shall keep and use in its business books, accounts and records in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles that will enable the superintendent to determine whether that licensee is complying with the provisions of this chapter. Each licensee and authorized delegate shall preserve its records for at least five years after making the final entry on any transaction. Each authorized delegate shall keep records as required by the superintendent.

B. For each authorized delegate, the licensee shall maintain records that demonstrate that the licensee conducted a reasonable background investigation of each authorized delegate. A licensee shall preserve those records for at least five years after the authorized delegate's most recent designation by the licensee. For an authorized delegate designated after November 1, 1991, the records shall be available at all times, and for an authorized delegate designated on or before November 1, 1991, the records shall be available at all times after November 1, 1992.

C. The records of the licensee regarding the business regulated under this chapter shall be maintained at its principal place of business or, with notice to the superintendent, at another location designated by the licensee. If the records are maintained outside this state, the superintendent may require that the licensee make those records available to the superintendent at his office not more than five business days after demand. The superintendent may further require that those records be accompanied by an individual who is available to answer questions regarding those records and the business regulated under this chapter. The superintendent may require the appearance of a specific individual or may request the licensee to designate an individual knowledgeable with regard to the records and the business. The individual appearing with the records shall be available to the superintendent for up to three business days.

D. On-site examinations of records prescribed by this chapter may be conducted in conjunction with representatives of other state agencies or agencies of another state or of the federal government as determined by the superintendent. In lieu of an on-site examination, the superintendent may accept the examination report of an agency of this state or of another state or of the federal government or a report prepared by an independent licensed certified public accountant. Joint examination or acceptance of an examination report shall not be deemed a waiver of examination assessments provided by law, and joint reports and reports accepted under this subsection are considered an official report of the department for all purposes. Information obtained by examinations prescribed by this article shall be disclosed only as provided in section 6-129.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016