Arizona Revised Statutes § 6-1209 Cease And Desist Orders; Examinations

6-1209. Cease and desist orders; examinations

A. In addition to his authority under section 6-137, the superintendent may issue an order to cease and desist against a licensee, requiring the licensee to cease conducting its business through an authorized delegate and to take appropriate affirmative action, pursuant to section 6-137, if the superintendent finds that:

1. The authorized delegate has violated, is violating or is about to violate any applicable law or rule or order of the superintendent.

2. The authorized delegate has failed to cooperate with an examination or investigation by the superintendent or the attorney general authorized by this title.

3. The competence, experience, integrity or overall moral character of the authorized delegate or any controlling person of the authorized delegate indicates that it would not be in the interest of the public to permit that person to participate in the business regulated under this chapter.

4. The financial condition of the authorized delegate is such that it might prejudice the interests of the public in the conduct of the business regulated under this chapter.

5. The authorized delegate has engaged, is engaging or is about to engage in any unsafe or unsound act, practice or transaction or an act, practice or transaction that constitutes a violation of this title or of any rule or order of the superintendent.

B. Any business for which a license is required by this chapter conducted by an authorized delegate outside the scope of authority conferred in the contract between the authorized delegate and the licensee is unlicensed activity. An authorized delegate of a licensee holds in trust for the benefit of the licensee all monies received from the sale or delivery of the licensee's payment instruments or monies received for transmission. If an authorized delegate commingles any such monies with any monies or other property owned or controlled by the authorized delegate, a trust against all commingled proceeds and other monies or property owned or controlled by the authorized delegate is imposed in favor of the licensee in an amount equal to the amount of the proceeds due the licensee.

C. An authorized delegate is subject to examination by the superintendent at the discretion of the superintendent. The licensee is responsible for the payment of an assessment for the examination of its authorized delegates to the extent that the examination relates to the activities conducted by the authorized delegate on behalf of the licensee. That assessment shall be made at the rate set by the superintendent for examination of an enterprise pursuant to section 6-125, subsection B, and payment of that assessment shall be made as prescribed by section 6-125.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016