Arizona Revised Statutes § 6-1208 Authorized Delegates Of Licensee; Reports

6-1208. Authorized delegates of licensee; reports

A. A licensee may conduct the business regulated under this chapter at one or more locations in this state through authorized delegates designated by the licensee.

B. Each contract between a licensee and an authorized delegate shall require the authorized delegate to operate in full compliance with the law and shall contain as an appendix a current copy of this chapter. The licensee shall provide each authorized delegate with operating policies and procedures sufficient to permit compliance by the delegate with the provisions of title 13, chapter 23 and this chapter and rules adopted pursuant to this chapter. The licensee shall promptly update the policies and procedures to permit compliance with those laws and rules.

C. An authorized delegate is not liable for any obligation imposed on its licensee by this chapter with respect to the business for which it is a delegate. On suspension or revocation of a license or the failure of a licensee to renew its license, the superintendent shall notify all delegates of the licensee who are on record with the department of the department's action. On receipt of this notice, an authorized delegate shall immediately cease to operate as a delegate of that licensee.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016