Arizona Revised Statutes § 6-1210 Suspension Or Revocation Of Licenses

6-1210. Suspension or revocation of licenses

The superintendent may suspend or revoke a license if the superintendent finds any of the following:

1. The licensee has made a material misstatement or suppressed or withheld information on an application for a license or any document required to be filed with the superintendent.

2. A fact or condition exists that, if it had existed or had been known at the time the licensee applied for its license, would have been grounds for denying the application.

3. The licensee is insolvent as defined in section 47-1201.

4. The licensee has violated any provision of title 13, chapter 23, this chapter or rules adopted pursuant to this chapter or any order of the superintendent.

5. An authorized delegate of the licensee has violated any provision of title 13, chapter 23, this chapter or rules adopted thereunder or any order of the superintendent as a result of a course of negligent failure to supervise or as a result of the wilful misconduct of the licensee.

6. The licensee refuses to permit the superintendent or the attorney general to make any examination authorized by this title.

7. The licensee knowingly fails to make any report required by this chapter.

8. The licensee fails to pay a judgment entered in favor of a claimant, plaintiff or creditor in an action arising out of the licensee's business regulated under this article within thirty days after the judgment becomes final or within thirty days after expiration or termination of a stay of execution or other stay of proceedings, whichever is later. If execution on the judgment is stayed by court order, operation of law or otherwise, proceedings to suspend or revoke the license for failure of the licensee to comply with that judgment may not be commenced by the superintendent under this subsection until thirty days after that stay.

9. The licensee has been convicted in any state of a felony or of any crime involving a breach of trust or dishonesty.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016