Ex parte PAUL K. HANNA, et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 94-0898                                                           
          Application No. 07/785,644                                                   

               The claims on appeal are directed to a process for removing             
          Group VIII metal catalyst residues from a polyketone copolymer as            
          described in representative claim 1, the sole independent claim:             
                    1. A process for the removal of Group VIII metal                   
               catalyst residues from a carbon monoxide-olefin                         
               polyketone copolymer which comprises contacting the                     
               polyketone with an effective amount of a beta diketone                  
               compound to effect the removal of catalyst residues                     
               The references relied upon by the examiner are:                         
          Brons et al (Brons)           4,798,884            Jan. 17, 1989             
          van Broekhoven et al          4,855,400            Aug.  8, 1989             
          (Van Broekhoven)                                                             
          Blytas et al (Blytas)         4,960,865            Oct.  2, 1990             
               All of the appealed claims stand rejected for obviousness               
          under 35 USC '  103 in view of either Brons or van Broekhoven or             
          Blytas.  We shall sustain this rejection since we are of the                 
          opinion that the examiner has established a prima facie case of              
          obviousness which has not been convincingly rebutted.                        
               In an attempt at rebuttal, appellants refer to Table 1 of               
          Blytas which, according to appellants, shows that acetyl acetone             
          (acac) is ineffective for recovering palladium from a polyketone             
          copolymer.  Therefore, in appellant=s view, Blytas teaches away              
          from using acac, one of the beta diketone compounds specifically             
          disclosed in appellant=s own specification as a useful reagent.              


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Last modified: November 3, 2007