Ex parte PAUL K. HANNA, et al. - Page 4

          Appeal No. 94-0898                                                           
          Application No. 07/785,644                                                   

          invention (hot water treatment) works no better than acac.                   
          Appellant=s interpretation of the Table fails to explain these               
          seemingly incongruous results.  What all of this might mean is               
          that palladium is removed from the polyketone copolymer in the               
          Blytas tests but is not recovered in a pure state.  After all the            
          Table is entitled APalladium Removal From Polyketone@.  If so                
          interpreted, the results disclosed by Blytas do not constitute a             
          negative teaching at all with regard to the Aremoval@ of                     
          palladium catalyst residue from a polyketone copolymer, as called            
          for by the instant claims.  Accordingly, Blytas= results appear              
          to be subject to more than one interpretation, and we find no                
          reason why we should accept appellant=s interpretation over the              
          alternative explanation outlined above.  In any case, the                    
          inherent contradictions in Blytas relating to Table 1 compel us              
          to give the tabulated data little weight.                                    
               We are also unpersuaded by the examples presented in                    
          appellant=s specification.  Appellants would like us to view                 
          Example No.6 as a comparative example demonstrating that the                 
          effectiveness of acac is lost if concentration and temperature               
          are each below some critical threshold level.  However, the                  
          specification indicates that all the examples, apparently even               
          including Example No. 6, Aillustrate the invention@ (page 2,                 


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Last modified: November 3, 2007