Ex parte PAUL K. HANNA, et al. - Page 3

          Appeal No. 94-0898                                                           
          Application No. 07/785,644                                                   

          In order to simplify the issues in this appeal, appellants ask us            
          to focus our attention on the so-called Anegative teaching@ of               
          Blytas.  In doing so, we find that appellant=s arguments are                 
          unpersuasive since we are not convinced that Blytas contains an              
          unequivocal negative teaching of effectiveness with regard to                
          acac for the following reasons:                                              
               The results reported by Blytas in Table 1 and the disclosure            
          relating to those results, as interpreted by appellants, are                 
          ambiguous and somewhat inconsistent with the professed purpose of            
          Blytas= invention.  On the one hand, Blytas states that Apalladium           
          was not extracted in these experiments@.  On the other hand,                 
          Blytas states that Athe extractants tested were relatively                   
          inefficient for palladium recovery@, and not that they are                   
          totally ineffective.  Moreover, Blytas does indicate that both               
          acac and a hot water treatment (Blytas= invention) each appears              
          to Ainhibit or remove a deleterious agent present in the                     
          polymer@.  Further discussion by Blytas appear to suggest that               
          the so-called deleterious agent might be HPd(CN)3, a palladium-              
          containing acid.  This discussion appears to suggest that at                 
          least some palladium is removed by acac as well as by hot water              
          treatment, notwithstanding the results reported in the Table.  In            
          addition, the Table (Example 2) appears to show that Blytas= own             


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Last modified: November 3, 2007