Ex parte DANIEL J. HALLORAN - Page 2

               Appeal No. 95-1302                                                                                                  
               Application 07/729,281                                                                                              

               appeal with respect to claim 18.  See particularly section (1) of                                                   
               the appeal Brief entitled “Status of Claims”.  Accordingly, the                                                     
               appeal with respect to claim 18 is dismissed.  This leaves for                                                      
               our consideration claims 17 and 19 through 26.2                                                                     

                                                  REPRESENTATIVE CLAIM                                                             

                       Claim 17, which is illustrative of the subject matter on                                                    
               appeal, reads as follows:                                                                                           

                       17.  In a hair treating method for imparting curl retention                                                 
               to hair in which at least one film forming ingredient is applied                                                    
               to the hair as a mixture including the film forming ingredient                                                      
               dissolved in a solvent, the improvement comprising utilizing as                                                     
               the film forming ingredient an organosilicon compound having a                                                      
               formula selected from the group consisting of                                                                       

                       2   Apparently, in Paper No. 5 filed May 11, 1992, applicants intended to                                   
               cancel claim 18 but inadvertently failed to do so. We trust that this matter will                                   
               be resolved on return of the application to the examining corps.                                                    

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Last modified: November 3, 2007