Ex parte DANIEL J. HALLORAN - Page 6

            Appeal No. 95-1302                                                                             
            Application 07/729,281                                                                         

                         and hydroxy, alkoxy, aryloxy, and alkenoxy,                                       
                         derivatives thereof, wherein R, R’, R’’, and                                      
                         R’’’, are selected from the group consisting                                      
                         of alkyl, alkenyl, aryl, and alkylaryl,                                           
                         radicals having from one to twenty carbon                                         
                         atoms; x and z are each integers having a                                         
                         value of from zero to about one thousand                                          
                         provided either x or z is at least 1; y is an                                     
                         integer having a value from about one to                                          
                         about one thousand; and the organosilicon                                         
                         compound is present in the mixture at a level                                     
                         from about 0.1 to about fifty percent by                                          
                         weight based on the weight of the mixture.                                        

                  In the Answer, page 2, last paragraph, the examiner states                               
            that claims 17 and 19 through 26 stand rejected under 35 USC                                   
             102(e) as anticipated by Lamb “for the reasons as stated in                                  
            paragraph 17 of the Office Action mailed April 1, 1993".  We here                              

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Last modified: November 3, 2007