Ex parte DANIEL J. HALLORAN - Page 5

            Appeal No. 95-1302                                                                             
            Application 07/729,281                                                                         

            on appeal;                                                                                     
                  (2) The appeal Brief;                                                                    
                  (3) The Examiner’s Answer and the Office Action mailed April                             
            1, 1993 (Paper No. 10); and                                                                    
                  (4) The above-cited Lamb reference.                                                      
                  On consideration of the record, including the above-listed                               
            materials, we reverse the  102(e) rejection.                                                  


                  Independent claim 17 defines a hair treating method for                                  
            imparting curl retention to hair, where at least one film forming                              
            ingredient is applied to the hair as a mixture including the film                              
            forming ingredient dissolved in a solvent.  The claim requires                                 
            using, as the film forming ingredient, an organosilicon compound                               
            having a formula selected from the group consisting of                                         


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Last modified: November 3, 2007