Ex parte A. SAID EL SHAMI et al. - Page 15

          Appeal No. 93-3369                                                          
          Application 07/344,179                                                      

          unbound in order for sample DNA (G) to hybridize to it.  See                
          Figure 1B of Diamond.  The DNA hybridization assay would not                
          operate if all of                                                           
          the target region of the probe (TBR) was “saturated” by being               
          bound to labeled polynucleotide (L).                                        
               Similarly, the device taught by Liotta could not operate if            
          substantially all of the antibody binding sites are saturated               
          prior to addition of the sample.  The device of Liotta requires             
          the binding sites to be freely available.  Saturation will occur            
          either with the binding partner in the sample or the binding                
          partner in the immobilized phase if the sample is free of the               
          binding partner.  See column 3, lines 17-25 in conjunction with             
          Figures 5 and 6 of Liotta.  As depicted in those figures the                
          antibody is labeled.  If there is antigen in the sample it will             
          occupy the binding sites of the labeled antibody.  By so                    
          occupying the binding sites the antibody will not become trapped            
          by binding to the immobilized antigen in Zone 1, thus it will               
          pass on to Zone 2 and the presence of the label will be detected            
          by a visible color reaction in Zone 2.  When the sample is free             
          of antigen the labeled antibody will move into the region                   
          containing the immobilized antigen where it will be trapped via             
          binding to                                                                  


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