Ex parte A. SAID EL SHAMI et al. - Page 5

          Appeal No. 93-3369                                                          
          Application 07/344,179                                                      

               The column-associated particulate support (hereinafter the             
          column support) contains materials critical to the binding of a             
          molecule of interest such that it can be separated from a sample            
          added to the device.  The sleeve-associated particulate support             
          (hereinafter the sleeve support) contains material critical to              
          detection of the binding should it take place in the support                
          contained in the column.                                                    
               All of the claims are limited to the use of antibodies and             
          labeled analytes on the column support.  The antibody is                    
          immobilized on this column support.  The molecule of interest               
          that the device is designed to detect is referred to throughout             
          the claims as the “analyte.”  The term “analyte label” in the               
          claims refers to a material that has been bound to the                      
          immobilized antibody on the column support, in which the analyte,           
          or an analog thereof, is chemically labeled with a material which           
          itself has a visible color or which can be reacted with other               
          compounds to produce a compound which has a visible color.  The             
          amount of “analyte label” on the column support is high enough to           
          substantially all of the binding sites of the antibody                      
          immobilized on the support.                                                 


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Last modified: November 3, 2007